SAES Pure Gas

Gas Purifiers for the Semiconductor, LED, Display, Fiber Optic, and Solar Industries.
SAES Pure Gas specializes in Ultra High Purity Gas Purification
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Purifier Selection

Our Purifier Selection Tool, called SelectTorr, will help guide you through the selection of a purifier model that will suit your application and purity requirements.

New Update!
Johnson Matthey Purifier Support 

SAES Pure Gas has acquired the assets of the Johnson Matthey Gas Purification business. Previous customers of Johnson Matthey should now contact SAES Pure Gas.
Press Release.

New Palladium Purifiers

SAES Pure Gas purchases Palladium Hydrogen purifier product line from Power + Energy. Press Release
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Article on the LED Industry
See our recent article, "LED Lighting Industry Growth Drives Increasing Hydrogen Demand", published in CryoGas International